World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day is celebrated on September 8th across the globe.

It’s a day to raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy and the important role it plays in improving people’s health and well-being. It’s a day to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of physical therapists worldwide.

School of Allied Health Sciences CMH LMC & IOD Celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 28th September at Afzal Auditorium to recognize their efforts in helping people regain mobility and improve their quality of life.

Dr Wajida Perveen HOD DPT Inaugurated the event with acknowledging the service of Physical Therapy for the betterment in the field of healthcare. Students of DPT presented very interesting and thought provoking skits reflecting the current practices and gaps which need attention. A 30 seconds “Sit to stand challenge” was also performed by the audience. The audience enjoyed the theme based well composed song and speeches of DPT students.

Dean Prof. Dr Hafiz Muhammad Asim from Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (LUBAS) Lahore, the guest of honor of the day delivered a very informative and enlightening talk about “wheel chair prescription”.

The venue was perfectly decorated with posters, charts and models relevant to the theme of the World PT day 2023 Exercising with Arthritis.

Worthy Director School of Allied Health Sciences CMH LMC & IOD Brig Dr Chaudhary Fayyaz Mahmood (R) concluded the event by presenting a shield to the guest of honor as a token of appreciation for his valuable time and certificate distribution to the position holders students and those who secured distinctions in various subjects in the UHS annual examination 2022-2023 DPT and MIT.