Media Team


Our dedicated team of media professionals is committed to capturing and sharing the remarkable moments and stories within our medical college community. Through the lens of our cameras and the power of storytelling, we aim to showcase the extraordinary work being done by our students, faculty, and staff. Whether it’s documenting groundbreaking research, highlighting community outreach initiatives, or capturing the spirit of our medical education journey, we are here to bring these stories to life. Our team combines technical expertise with a passion for storytelling to create compelling visuals and engaging content.

Follow us on this exciting media journey as we provide a glimpse into the transformative world of medical education and healthcare. Stay tuned for inspiring videos, captivating photographs, and informative updates that reflect the vibrant spirit of our medical college community.

Media Team Members

Prof. Dr. Faiqua Yasser HOD Media Team
Professor & HOD of Oral Pathology Department
Dr Waqar Ahmed Siddiqui Media Team Expert
Associate Professor & HOD of IOD Pharmacology
Mr. Affan Waheed Media Team Technical Expert
Assistant Director Information Systems & Technology