Elective, Externship & Observership Program

Elective / Externship Duration

The elective/externship program offered is typically of 4 weeks duration. The contact hours are based on the institutional timings being followed during the duration of the elective/ externship. The usual institutional timings are 8am-3pm from Monday to Friday. Elective students / externs may be required to attend outside of these hours as required by their department.

Subjects Available for Elective / Externship

  • Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Pathology,
    Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology)
  • Basic Dental Sciences (Community Dentistry, Oral Biology, Oral Pathology)
  • Clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dental Materials,
    Oral Medicine, Periodontology, Pediatric Dentistry
  • Clinical Medical Sciences (coming soon)

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates applying for an electives / externship slot must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a pre-medical / pre-university program or undergraduate / postgraduate program in
    the fields of biomedicine and allied health
  • Good academic record
  • English language proficiency

Application Process

Completed application form must be submitted at least three months prior to the month in which an elective / externship is requested. Submit the completed application form along with required documents to:

  • Student Affairs Department,
  • CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Email: info@cmhlahore.edu.pk

Documents required for application

  • Completed and signed application form
  • 04 Passport size photographs
  • CNIC / NICOP (front & back copy) / relevant Passport pages (for overseas applicants / foreign
  • Letter of Enrollment from home institution
  • A minimum of 01 reference letter from an academic referee at home institution
  • Mark sheets / Transcripts of examinations written to-date (duly attested by home institution)
  • Evidence of language proficiency: Letter from home institution stating that the medium of
    instruction is English / English language test certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume
  • Statement of Purpose: Please state why you are applying to take part in the Elective / Externship
    Program at CMH LMC IOD and how this placement will contribute to your personal and
    professional development
  • Application Processing / Registration Fee (non-refundable): Local applicants Rs.1500/-,
    Overseas applicants US $30/- (attach proof of payment with application).


  • The application fee is non-refundable. Students must ensure eligibility before applying. Submission of an application does not guarantee confirmation of proposed elective / externship. CMH LMC IOD reserves the right to accept / deny request for any elective / externship slot at any point of time.
  • Students have to arrange for their accommodation, food, health services on their own. Health care facilities are available CMH Hospital Lahore on self-payment.
  • Student will be provided an institutional identity card at the time of commencement for the duration of the elective placement. In case of misplacement, Rs.500 will be charged for reissuance.
  • Students must follow all the rules and regulations of CMH LMC IOD. The institution is not responsible or liable for any mishap or harm that may be caused directly or indirectly, on or off the institutional premises while the student is on the elective placement.
  • The applicant will be notified of their selection or otherwise via email. Upon being selected, the Elective and Externship Office at CMH LMC IOD will confirm your placement via email at least three weeks before the placement.
  • Upon receiving the offer of acceptance, the student must submit a non-refundable course fee (Rs.50000/- for Pakistani students / US $200 for overseas students; for 4 weeks course duration) and submit proof of payment within one week of receiving the offer. Longer duration elective/externship will entail higher fees.
  • At the conclusion of the elective / externship, an official certificate of attendance will be provided upon receipt of clearance from all concerned departments.


Occasionally, clinical departments receive requests to provide educational experiences for individuals who do not fall under the category of medical students or postgraduate residents. While it is acknowledged that offering such experiences benefits the participants and enhances the reputation of the institution, nevertheless there are costs to the institutions in terms of competition with other learners and the time required for supervision. It is expected that only a limited number of observers will be permitted at the institution, and their presence will only be allowed if it does not affect the education of students or residents.

Duration and Eligibility

Observerships are typically for 4 weeks, and occasionally may be up to 2 months. No observerships may last beyond 2 months. Examples of situations that would be considered appropriate would include:

  • A practicing physician from another country who desires a focused experience for a skill to take back to his/her country of practice.
  • An incoming postgraduate resident who has secured a fellowship training position, but whose start date is delayed and needs to keep up with didactics, etc.
  • An incoming postgraduate resident who has secured a fellowship training position and whose supervisor believes that a focused observership experience prior to the onset of postgraduate training would help him/her succeed in the program.
  • A postgraduate resident who has completed fellowship training and is awaiting examination Individuals not falling in the categories listed above may apply for elective / externship.

Application Process

Any request for observership experience must be submitted to the Student Affairs Section – info@cmhlahore.edu.pk If approved for participation, the observership candidate must:

  • Provide verification of medical school graduation with a diploma, dean’s letter or transcript.
  • Provide a copy of current CV.
  • Sign a statement of confidentiality.
  • Complete and sign Observership Application form.
  • Comply with all terms and conditions.
  • Pay the requisite fees (refer to elective/externship section for details of fees)

Permissible and Not Permissible Observership Activities

A period of observation is not intended to be a formal training program, therefore no official institutional training certification for the period of observation will be provided. A letter of recommendation may be provided upon request by the clinical supervisor on his/her discretion. Observers may not provide any clinical care, surgical care or medical advice to patients. The following activities are permissible for observerships:

  • Participate in grand rounds, seminars or other didactic activities.
  • Participate in case conferences or chart rounds.
  • Observe walking rounds or procedures with the professors, consultants, senior registrars or
  • View and discuss video tapes of patient evaluations or procedures if the patient has signed an
    authorization to permit observation and videotaping.
  • Participate in surgical skills lab activities.

The following activities are not permissible for observerships:

  • Observers may not see or interact with patients individually.
  • Observers may not examine patients in any way, write in/on charts, or provide medical care, surgical
    care or give medical advice to patients.