Outcomes BDS

BDS Programme Curricular Outcomes

Exit Curricular Outcomes describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. They relate to the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that students acquire as they progress through the program. At CMH Lahore Medical College & IOD, our goal is to train every graduating student in demonstrating requisite characteristics and skills that are needed for the 21st-century medical graduate. Exit curricular outcomes are directly linked to the list of competencies and enabling outcomes of each subject being taught over a span of 4 years in BDS program. Following is the list of exit curricular outcomes to be achieved by our graduating students:

On completion of BDS program, graduates of CMH Lahore Medical College &I OD will be able to:

  • Apply scientific principles, knowledge and skills to interpret history, examination and investigations to develop a differential diagnosis of medical conditions in a variety of situations such as indoor, outdoor, and emergency
  • Carry out consultations with patients using appropriate communication and clinical skills to diagnose health problems and refer if required
  • Demonstrate leadership, management skills, and professionalism while collaborating, ethically, with others in a health care delivery team, giving top priority to patients’ safety and health
  • Reflect and continue improving professional skills by engaging in self-directed learning
  • Participate, initiate research and use published evidence to inform and improve clinical practice
  • Apply principles of public health to become socially accountable and to advocate health promotion and disease prevention to reduce burden of disease in the community
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using technology to retrieve, use, and apply published evidence to improve patient care, as well as to utilize various tools and platforms for learning, communication, collaboration, and research