Workshop on “Presentation Skills”

Subject workshop was held on 3 rd Nov, 2022 at CMH Lahore Medical College for faculty members of CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry. This workshop was jointly organized by Department of Community Medicine and SHaPE. Forty faculty members including Professors, Associate, Assistant Professors & Demonstrators participated. Resource person was Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhry, HOD Community Medicine and Co-Chairman L-ORIC. After brief introduction, Prof. Ashraf Chaudhry discussed in detail importance of presentation skills, fear of Public Speaking & various strategies to overcome stage fright, characteristics of good presentations and various presentation tips. He also highlighted process of delivering presentation including plan, prepare, practice and present. Prof Ashraf also discussed dressing for official presentations, tips for online presentations and after presentation ways to respond questions. At the end of workshop, hand on training activity was held, in which participants were divided into various groups, were allotted topics and then each group gave presentation on the allotted topic. Feedback was given by workshop participants. All faculty members actively participated in group activity and highly appreciated..