White Coat Ceremony

On February 13, 2024, CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry hosted a momentous White Coat Ceremony to mark the commencement of the academic journey for the incoming students joining the DPT, MIT, and BDS programs. The event commenced with recitation of Holy Quran preceded with national anthem. Dean IOD, Professor Dr Samir Riaz Qazi welcomed the new entrants with professional zeal and Brigadier Dr Chaudhary Fayyaz Mahmood (R), Director School of Allied Health Sciences, with genuine warmth and enthusiasm, welcomed the new students of DPT and MIT, symbolizing the beginning of their transformative experience in the healthcare profession. As the atmosphere brimmed with anticipation and excitement, Principal/ Chief Executive, Major General Professor Dr. Salman Saleem took the stage to administer the solemn oath, a poignant moment signifying the commitment of the students to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in their medical careers. With each oath taken, the significance of the responsibility they were undertaking resonated deeply, setting the tone for the dedication and integrity expected of them as future healthcare providers. Honourable Principal, in his address, not only congratulated the students on their admittance but also extended heartfelt wishes for their success in the rigorous journey that lay ahead. He assured the students and their parents that CMH Lahore Medical College would provide unwavering support and guidance, ensuring a nurturing environment conducive to their growth and development as competent healthcare professionals, leaving no stone unturned in this journey. Additionally, the event featured a display showcasing the rich history of CMH and the experiences of graduating students of BDS, DPT and MIT. This provided an opportunity for attendees to appreciate the institution’s legacy and the journey of its students. The event concluded with an engaging display of stalls, offering various opportunities for exploration, followed by a convivial high-tea session where attendees mingled and conversed.