The CMH Debating Club embarked with the Opening Ceremony of the first-ever CMH Model United Nations.

On 5th May 2023, the CMH Debating Club embarked on a historic journey with the Opening Ceremony of the first-ever CMH Model United Nations. The Secretary-General, Jawad Sajid, set the stage with an inspiring opening, paving the way for a series of remarkable speeches. President Rida Asim took the podium, delivering a captivating address that ignited the passion of delegates. Dr. Amna Nadeem, the esteemed Staff Advisor, shared words of wisdom, setting the tone for an intellectually stimulating conference. The stage was then graced by the presence of Brig (R) Dr. Shahid Majeed, the Staff President, who emphasized the significance of diplomacy and critical thinking in shaping our future. All under the keen eye of Vice Principal Brig Saqib Zaheer who graced the occasion.

In a moment of pride, the Chief Executive Maj. Gen. Naeem Naqi HI (M) warmly welcomed delegates from over thirty institutions and esteemed guests, acknowledging their invaluable presence. As a testament to the exceptional contributions made to the field of debates in CMH, Rolls of Honour were awarded, celebrating those who have left a lasting impact on the art of Debate in CMH.

Over three days, CMH witnessed outstanding displays of diplomacy, debate and documentation with delegates pushed to the limits and the halls were left echoing with the sound of passionate debates, as delegates from diverse backgrounds engaged in dynamic discussions, showcasing their exceptional diplomatic skills. From drafting resolutions to negotiating agreements, the atmosphere was charged with intellectual fervor and unwavering commitment to finding global solutions.

With the end of Day 2 marked with an enchanting evening filled with soul-stirring melodies and divine devotion at the Naara-e-Mastana Qawwali Night and the end of debate marked with the Closing Ceremony and a sumptous Formal Dinner ensured that even long after the end of the event, the memories created, the friendships forged, and the lessons learned will forever resonate within the participants and management team, reminding them of the transformative power of this experience.