Review of CMH LMC & IoD Standards against WFME Standards

Review of CMH LMC & IoD Standards against WFME standards
The School of Health Professions’ Education arranged the visit of Dr. Janet Grant & Dr. Luke D. Baker to CMH LMC & IoD from 13th -16th June 2022 so that they could review the institute against WFME standards. They visited different departments of the Basic & Clinical Sciences. They also paid a visit to the CMH Lahore and gathered information against the WFME Standards. They held meetings with students who were members of different societies of the college. A faculty session was also held that was attended by the Heads of Departments. The foreign experts conducted three workshops for the faculty of CMH LMC & IoD.
The titles of the Workshops were:
1. Learning Theories
2. Trainees perception of Medical Education
3. Student’s Engagement