Research work at the highly reputed IDF Virtual Congress

Marking a significant milestone, as alumni of the SAHS Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, the Research project group members, comprising Hafsa Ahsan, Rameen Shahzad, Samra Fayyaz, Ayesha Zaif, and Mahnoor Asif Paracha, under the supervision of Dr. Wajida Perveen, Associate Professor and HOD DPT SAHS CMH LMC and IOD, presented findings of their research work at the highly reputed IDF Virtual Congress held from 4-7 December, 2023!

The poster focused on the topic of ‘Prevalence of Peripheral Neuropathy, Amputation and Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus,’ delving into the impact of these complications on the lives of diabetic patients. The findings shed light on alarming prevalence rates and emphasized the need for early intervention strategies to enhance patient care. Participants include physicians, scientists, nurses, educators and other healthcare professionals, as well as government representatives, policy makers, people with diabetes, IDF members and media. The conference selected over 400 abstracts and provided a platform for four days of high-level scientific sessions, comprehensive discussions and industry updates specifically focused on managing diabetes complications and crises.