Prof. Dr. Nilofar Mustafa

Prof. Dr. Nilofar Mustafa MBBS, MCPS, ICMT, FCPS, MHPE
Professor & HOD at Department of Gynecology
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  1. Postmenopausal Bleeding: Possible Ideal Method To Rule Out Endometrial Carcinoma

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Under Publication with JCPSP. 

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Under publication in PAFMJ 

  1. Efficacy of 50 G glucose challenge test (GCT) screenin tool for gestational diabetes mellitus

Under publication in PAFMJ 

  1. Comparison between Oral Metronidazole and vaginal Clindamycin in treatment of bacterial vaginosis

Under publication in PAFMJ 

  1. Comparison of 24 hours expectant management with immediate induction in term PROM

Under publication in PAFMJ 

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