Patient Wellness Campaign

Our Paediatric patients; budding young artists?
As part of the Patient Wellness Campaign, an Art Session was held on the premises of CMH Lahore for patients admitted to the Paediatric Ward. It was organized by the Department of Paediatrics, CMH Lahore Medical College with Final Year MBBS students (Clinical Batches A and B, Class of 2022) on December 21, 2021. It was attended by Colonel Shazia Amir, MOIC Family Wing, CMH Lahore, and the Department of Paediatrics College Faculty.
Patients sat in the sun outside the child ward and made drawings of “Apna Ghar / اپنا گھر”. Students interacted with the patients, encouraging their expressive artwork. The participants had a wonderful time, especially with the singing of nursery rhymes and common children’s songs, which concluded the event. After singing the National Anthem of Pakistan, “Goody Bags” of sweets, juice and chips were distributed by Colonel Shazia Amir.
It was a very successful event enjoyed by participants, their families, and students alike. The Department of Paediatrics and the Final Year students felt it was important to ‘give back’ to the patients in a meaningful way, as the patients facilitate their medical training daily.