NUMS Entry Test

Aptitude Test Instructions:-

This test will be conducted by the National University of Medical Sciences. Exact date, time and venue will be intimated through nationwide newspapers and our college website well before time. Test will be based on multiple choice format, based on concepts of science / general subjects already taught in F.Sc. / A Level and General Intelligence. The result of the college aptitude test will be displayed on the college website ( Results will not be sent by mail. No result / amendment will be accepted after the last date of submission of application form.

(Note : For any last minute change in date / time and venue please visit the college website at least 2 x days before the exam date announced earlier.

NUMS Entry Test Instructions:-

  • You will be provided with a copy of these instructions before the test as well. Please read them carefully. The test consists of five sections:
  • Separate instructions for each section are given at the beginning of that section.
  • You should not continue to write after the invigilator asks you to stop writing.
  • You will be disqualified on any evidence of cheating or non-compliance of instructions.
  • You should not mark answers on the test booklet. Answer marked on the test booklet will not be evaluated.
  • Before starting the test, you should write your admit card number, your name, and test booklet numbers on test answer sheet.
  • Multiple choices will be given for each question; choose the most appropriate answers.
  • You should shade the block for the appropriate answer with a black ball pen. You should be sure of your choice before shading the square on the answer sheet. Any crossing or multi shading will be treated as a wrong answer. Failure to comply with instructions will disqualify you. The square should be completely shaded.
  • You are encouraged to answer all questions.
  • There will be no negative marking.


There are 100 questions in all and these are numbered serially from 01 to 100.

You may decide to leave a question unanswered and plan to return to it later. Please remember the following:–

Return to the question you left unanswered before the time ends.-

It is easy to miss sequential order of your answer by leaving blank space on the answer sheet for the unanswered questions. For example, you have answered question from 1 – 1 and you are not sure of the answer to question 11. You want to leave it blank to return to it later but want to answer question 12 first. Here it is possible that you may wrongly p l a c e the answer for question no. 12 in the square for question no. 11. Please make sure that you don’t make this mistake.