Mental Health (Man)ual

Mental Health (Man)ual was an initiative taken by students of 4th Year MBBS under IFMSA Pakistan CMH LMC & IOD in collaboration with the Behavioral Sciences Department on Friday 18th February.
The national activity under IFMSA Pakistan brought together students from various medical colleges from all over Pakistan.
The event was organized by Rida Asim,Hamyel Tahir (4th Year MBBS,CMHLMC) and Sidra Shabbir (Final Year MBBS,RLMC) facilitated by Muhammad Ali and Abdur Rafae Ahmad (4th Year MBBS,CMHLMC).
The discussion was led by Natasha Nadeem (4th Year MBBS)
Dr Irum Mansoor and Ms. Zarnish answered queries put forward by the students.