Department of Forensic Medicine


Forensic Medicine is the branch of science which helps the law in searching for the truth to maintain justice in the society. The increasing interest in Forensic Medicine throughout the world is no doubt a result of the global rise in both crime and litigation. The Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is working with the aim of equipping the medical students with the essential knowledge of crime scene investigation. To meet the upcoming challenges, advance technology and new techniques are also introduced to the students. The museum of the department is the most modern one having Fiberglass models, wet specimens, instruments and other exhibits like Dura pictures, X-Rays of medico-legal nature and specimen of poisons, weapons etc. Thus, imparting knowledge and contributing to other teaching and training facilities directed to the undergraduate students. The department has well-furnished and well-equipped Analytical Laboratory dealing with teaching and training in areas of Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Serology, Forensic Anatomy, and Forensic Radiology. The department has got a seminar room where a “general club” is held every fortnight. This is under process of completion and shall be equipped with a slide projector and multimedia through which teaching material (slides / transparencies) can be displayed and discussed. A departmental library shall also be set up in the seminar room. For practical orientation, the students visit Forensic Medicine Department, KEMU/AIMC for Autopsy and Medico Legal training. The students also visit Punjab Forensic Science Agency Lahore to see working of multiple analytical labs under one roof. The department is staffed with One Professor, One Associate Professor, One Assistant Professor, One Senior Demonstrator, Four Demonstrators, PA to HOD, One Head Lab Assistant, Two Lab Assistants, one Lab Attendant, one Store Keeper and one Naib Qasid. The department is placed on the first floor:

The Museum of the department has

  1. Fiberglass models
  2. Firearm Weapons (including rifles, pistols, bullets, grenades, missiles all original but diffused for security reasons)
  3. Wet specimens
  4. Human skeletons
  5. Poison specimens
  6. Radiographs
  7. Durra prints
  8. Instruments

Other exhibits, imparting knowledge and providing source of self-learning to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The museum has a teaching area for practical demonstration classes.

Head of Department

HOD & Professor Dr. Javed Iqbal Khokhar Professor / MBBS, DMJ, CHPE

Academic Activities:

  1. Theory lectures, monthly class evaluations (SEQ’s & MCQ’s) Module Examinations and Send Up examination.
  2. Practical demonstration classes, OSPE training & evaluations on NUMS pattern.
  3. PBL and Tutorial sessions as prescribed.
  4. Three weeks visit to Allama Igbal Medical College for autopsy & medico-legal training.
  5. One week visit to Punjab Forensic Science Agency for training.
  6. Comparative results of University exams/ distinctions etc. 2017-2018-90%
  7. Research activity/ articles published in international magazine etc.
    1. Sex Determination by Ischio-public Index in Pakistani Population (On-going research project, carried at Radiology Department CMH Lahore).
    2. List of Publications in National Journals is attached:
  1. Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Forensic Day (2018)
    1. 2nd International Conference at Shalimar Medical and Dental College (February 2018).
    2. 2“d International Conference on Health Professional Education (University of Lahore, October 2018).
    3. 3rd International Conference on Patient Safety at CM H LM C (Nov 3`d & 4th 2018)
    4. Faculty Development Workshops held at CMH LM DC
    5. Forensic Day at Sheikh Zayad Medical College Lahore and Ameer-ud-Din Medical College Lahore.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Sadaf Nadir Associate Professor / MBBS, DMJ, CHPE
Dr. Salman Pervaiz Rana Assistant Professor / MBBS, DMJ , CHPE
Dr. Maria Safdar Senior Demonstrator / MBBS, DMJ, CHPE
Dr. Mohsana Urooj Rana Demonstrator / MBBS, DMJ, CHPE
Dr. Amna Shahid Demonstrator / MBBS, DMJ-I, CHPE
Dr. Tayyaba Tahir Demonstrator / MBBS, CHPE
Dr. Hunmble Abdur Rab Bashir Demonstrator / MBBS