MedExpo 2024, the first student research conference of CMH LMC & IOD, was held on 27-28th April 2024.

MedExpo 2024, the first student research conference of CMH LMC & IOD, was held on 27-28th April 2024. It was a resounding success, bringing together aspiring researchers and scholars in a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge. The event showcased a diverse range of activities that engaged participants and fostered a spirit of academic curiosity and collaboration.

The panel discussion on the “Use of artificial intelligence in research” was a highlight of the conference, featuring esteemed experts who delved into the transformative impact of technology on research practices. Prof. Dr. Saira Afzal was the Chief Guest for this event.

A research quiz was organized in collaboration with the CMH Quiz society, which provided a fun and interactive platform for participants to test their knowledge and critical thinking skills across various research domains.

The animal lab handling workshop offered a hands-on experience for participants to engage in experimental procedures and gain practical insights into animal research protocols.

The SPSS workshop equipped participants with essential data analysis skills through interactive tutorials and practical exercises.

The synopsis writing session was conducted by Dr. Farhat Ijaz, providing attendees with valuable insights into the art of crafting concise and impactful research proposals.

The oral presentations were a standout feature of the conference, offering student participants a platform to share their research findings and insights with a wider audience. From captivating research methodologies to groundbreaking discoveries, each presentation demonstrated the depth of knowledge and dedication of our student researchers.

The concluding remarks by the Chief Executive encapsulated the spirit of the event, emphasizing the significance of research in shaping the future of academia and society