“International Women’s Day 2024”

“International Women’s Day 2024” was commemorated by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at CMH Lahore, in partnership with IFMSA Pakistan CMH LC and SYNCH CMH, under the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Dr. Rubina Sohail graced us as our esteemed guest of honor and speaker, adding depth and inspiration to the event followed by an interactive question and answer session which involved a lot of inquiries and enriched dialogues.

The Institute of Nursing’s thought-provoking skit ignited conversations on gender equality and empowerment, sparking a collective call for change. Our talented students delivered an inspiring speech, amplifying the theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’ with their heartfelt words and dedication.

Faculty and students united to conclude the event positively, affirming our commitment to fostering a more inclusive society.