Department of Oral Medicine & Diagnosis


The Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Department is the central unit of the Institute of Dentistry CMH LMC, where a patient first comes and gets their primary response. Here in the outdoor, patients are screened, and a thorough clinical examination is followed by subsequent diagnosis and referral to the respective departments. In OPD Doctors manages the patient flow and keeps patient records manually and digitally through DHMIS (Dental Health Management and Information System). This department also manages the radiology setup, where various types of radiographs, including OPG, CBCTs, bitewing and periapical radiographs are taken. On a daily bases, the Oral Medicine department deals with medical emergencies, pain, neuralgia, oral lesions, ulcerative conditions, TMJ issues, and oral infections. After patients have been properly diagnosed and referred, they are counselled and medication is prescribed accordingly. The Oral Medicine department is also an integral part of the clinical training of BDS students and House officers. House Officers present a weekly departmental case presentation with relevant research articles in the journal club. Academic activities include clinical demonstrations, and small group discussions. There is also evidence base learning, including literature review and research work in which all faculty members play an active role. Students, house officers, and senior faculty play a massive part in clinical research published in well-known journals. Teachers’ struggle helps the students see the skies with distinctive academic marks.

Head of Department

Dr. Muhammad Shairaz Sadiq Associate Professor & HOD / BDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), CHPE

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Fareed Ahmad Associate Professor / BDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), CHPE
Dr. Fatima Amer Clinical Demonstrator
Dr. Darain Zahra Rizvi Clinical Demonstrator
Dr. Aiman Malik Demonstrator / BDS