Department of Oral Biology


Oral Biology is a basic dental science subject and makes a sound foundation for clinical dental science understanding and application. It is a diverse field that deals with the development, gross and histological structures, functions, and clinical relevance of oral and craniofacial tissues. This specialty is also concerned with the application of scientific knowledge to orofacial tissues in both health and disease. It is a multi-discipline field including oral embryology, anatomy, histology, physiology, tooth morphology, and dental occlusion. The department provides learning opportunities to year 1 undergraduate dental students. Following an integrated curriculum, we also coordinate with other basic medical science departments following a learner-centered approach. Our teaching methodologies include multimedia lectures, educational videos, interactive sessions in small groups, and practical demonstrations utilizing facilities of well-equipped lecture halls, seminar rooms, and oral biology laboratory with resources such as histological slides, microscopes, and study models. Two of the faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees and one faculty member is a Ph.D. scholar. Being research-oriented, our faculty has publications in impact factor international and HEC-recognized local journals. The department also supports the faculty and house officers by facilitating research including proposal writing, research methodologies, and supervision of research projects. By providing a high standard of basic science teaching and research we prepare graduates with a holistic approach to clinical problem-solving. Our vision is to produce graduates who are competent to apply knowledge and are able to relate their understanding of the development, structures, functions, and metabolic pathways of the orofacial tissues in an evidence-based approach in their practice of dentistry.

Head of Department

Dr. Saira Atif HOD & Professor /BDS, BSc, M.phil, PhD (Oral Biology)

Academic Activities:

Interactive and small group sessions were organized to enhance learning of the students. Team based and peer assisted learning was also incorporated to facilitate learning. Workshops on tooth carving skills on soap blocks were arranged throughout the session to improve manual dexterity skills and understanding of tooth morphology.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Nauman Zaheer Associate Professor / BDS, M.Phil, Ph.D (Oral Biology)
Dr Mustafa Qadeer Associate Professor / BDS, MSc (Oral Biology)
Dr. Amina Ilyas Demonstrator / BDS
Dr. Shanzey Batool Demonstrator / BDS