Department of General Pathology


Pathology is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on disease at microscopic, molecular, chemical and microbiological level. Research in pathology supports every aspect of healthcare, from guiding doctors on the right way to treat common diseases, to using cutting-edge genetic technologies to treat patients with life-threatening conditions. With current advances in the subject, new treatments to fight novel viruses, infections and diseases have been discovered.
The Department of Pathology at CMH, is well known for its active involvement in academic and research activities. The department of General Pathology at CMH teaches Pathology under the following headings;
General Pathology,
Mycology, and
The technical staff associated with the department is also highly skilled. Pathology lab at CMH is equipped with new and advanced equipment like:
Teaching microscopes
Multi head microscopes
Multi media
Tissue processor
Embedding station
Chemistry analyzer
Sample storage -80°C freezer
Hematology Analyzer
Basic paraphernalia of laboratory
This enables us to provide an efficient delivery system with more accurate diagnostics.
During the skill labs, the students of Second Year BDS are briefed about the basic pathophysiologic mechanisms involved in various diseases. Students are taught the protocol to be followed while requesting different lab investigations and they develop an understanding about the normal functioning of various pathology laboratory departments.
The departmental facilities include lecture theatre, tutorial room, Practical Laboratory, Demonstration area and Museum. The practical laboratory provides microscopes for student teaching, has well equipped collection of teaching slides and opportunity for hands on staining slides. The museum has an excellent variety of specimens of all organ systems. The library is stocked with text books and reference books that are available to the faculty.
The department has a research-oriented approach towards the subject and has held a multitude of seminars in the past. Our goal is to make the students become well-versed with the subject and to be able to apply the knowledge efficiently in professional settings.

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Sabahat Javaid Butt HOD & Professor / MBBS, M.Phil (Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology), DCPath, CHPE

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Faculty & Staff

Dr. Maheen Ahmad Demonstrator / BDS
Dr. Minahil Nawaz Ranjha Demonstrator / BDS