Department of Anatomy


Anatomy is the cornerstone of medicine. Subdivisions of Anatomy, developmental, microscopic, and neuroanatomy extend roots to biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology. Thus, Anatomy is the subject required by undergraduate and postgraduate students to excel in the diverse fields of medicine, varying from cell biology and genetics to surgery and radiology. A highly qualified and well-trained team of senior and junior faculty members is part of the Anatomy department to meet the challenging needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The faculty is encouraged to bring professional and personal growth by offering courses, certifications, and diploma programs. The department is equipped with a dissection hall provided with cadavers for hands-on training of future surgeons by providing them with dexterous experience. Moreover, there is a state-of-the-art museum with more than 200 models, and a web-based program, Visible Body, to facilitate the teaching of various aspects of Anatomy. In the histology laboratory, a multi-head microscope and the CCD camera system with microscope connected to LED are used for effective teaching of histology slides to the students to prepare them for a better understanding of histopathology and medicine in later years. The histology laboratory is equipped with a tissue processing room with sufficient equipment to carry out routine tissue preparation and slide-making procedures. A comprehensive modular schedule for MBBS and BDS classes and a semester-based schedule for nursing and annual for allied health sciences are fully functional and form the basis of academic teaching and performance evaluation. The department follows an efficient pedagogical methodology including interactive lectures, case-based learning (CBLs) small group discussions and practical classes. The rigorous system prepares the students for the future by instilling discipline, time, and stress management in their personalities. In addition, the senior faculty of the Anatomy department is actively involved in the college Mentorship program to guide and help the students. The faculty of the Anatomy department firmly believes in inculcating a sense of comradeship and teamwork in the students during academic and co-curricular activities. Faculty members are actively involved in running and supporting the activities of the College Arts and Design Society, Quiz Society, Literary Society, and Magazine Club. These activities provide the students and faculty with a much-needed break from hectic academic schedules and commitments.

Head of Department

Dr. Shaista Arshad Jarral Head Of Department

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Nayab Munir Malik Demonstrator