Highlights of the APPNA Event

​ Maj. Gen. Prof. Dr. Naeem Naqi (R), HI (M), Principal and Chief Executive of CMH LMC & IOD, recently attended the 46th Annual Convention of the American Physician of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA), which took place from July 4th to 9th, 2023, in Dallas, Texas.

During the convention, our esteemed Principal had the opportunity to meet with Constellasian alumni (graduates of CMH LMC & IOD) residing in the United States. Highly productive discussions were held with a particular focus on establishing an association under APPNA. This association would be instrumental in providing guidance and mentorship to undergrad Constellasians aspiring to pursue their careers USA. The role of alumni based in USA in assisting students in obtaining Letters of Recommendation (LORs) and facilitating elective rotations and shadowing opportunities in US hospitals was discussed in detail. The resources and network of the alumni association would provide immense support.

Our worthy Principal/CE was also invited as a chief guest in the AMCOLIAN Alumini in their first ever meeting to raise their subchapter under APPNA.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Lak from MBBS batch of 2022 represented CMH LMC & IOD at the poster presentation at the APPNA Young Physicians Committee (YPC) Conference on “Food For Thought: Investigating the Impact of Binge Eating Disorder on Cardiovascular Health”.

In the end, honorable Principal expressed his unwavering commitment to continue engaging with the alumni and offering support in establishing the association and fostering connections among its members.