Foreign Expert

Visit of the Animal Research Lab – CMH LMC & IOD (0830 – 0900 hrs)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid visited the Animal Research Lab of CMH LMC & IOD today. He was briefed at the site by Prof. Dr. Rabiea Bilal (In charge of Animal Research Lab, Director L-ORIC & HOD Pharmacology (IOD)). She apprised the visitor that the Animal research lab at CMH LMC & IOD is second to none in Pakistan with state-of-the-art HVAC building, individual climate control animal housing units, state-of-the-art operation theatre, and well-trained staff. Regular research activities and projects are run at the lab throughout the year. The foreign expert was impressed at the quality of the facility and the research projects run within it.
Tour of the Medical College (0900 – 1100 hrs)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid, Professor of Medical Education, University College London, United Kingdom, toured the Medical College and visited the library, departments of Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine amongst others, and expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the academic and co-curricular environment the institute offers to the student. He stated that the Institution boosts the presence of highly competent and dedicated faculty, and a student body that is both vibrant and enthusiastic to explore new horizons.
Tour of CMH Hospital, Lahore (1100 – 1500 hrs)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid, Professor of Medical Education, University College London, United Kingdom, visited Combined Military Hospital, Lahore. The tour was facilitated and conducted by Assistant Commandant Col. Azhar and Brig. Waqar Muzaffar in the Hospital. He was taken on a round of the facilities including various teaching sites in OPDs, Wards, ITC, etc., by Brig. Waqar Muzaffar & Dr. Ayesha Naveed. He was impressed by the infrastructure and systems within the facility as well as the professionalism exhibited by faculty and staff. In the end, the debriefing session was conducted at Commandant CMH Brig. Amir Bin Tahir’s office. The Foreign Expert was briefed in detail by the worthy Commandant followed by the tea.

Visit of Institutional Examination Cell (0830 – 0930 hrs) The Foreign Expert visited the Institutional Examination Cell (IEC) this morning. He was briefed by the Head IEC Col. Pervaiz-ul-Hassan regarding the functions, structure, policies, and procedures of IEC. Later, in a meeting with Dean SHaPE, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid, Professor of Medical Education from University College London, United Kingdom complemented the institution on establishing the IEC and commented that in terms of manpower and space provided it outmatches the Examination Cell at University College London, United Kingdom. Meeting with Heads of Departments of MBBS Program (0930 – 1045 hrs) In the meeting, the Foreign Expert enquired from the HODs of the MBBS Program regarding mechanisms, processes, and procedures related to Assessment at CMH Lahore Medical College. He was briefed in detail by the Heads of Departments regarding the Assessment System. He expressed his satisfaction and valued the balance maintained by CMH Lahore Medical College in mixing subjective and objective assessment methodologies in order to make appropriate, valid, and reliable judgments against predefined standards while ensuring the feasibility of the Assessment. Meeting with Students (1045 – 1200 hrs) Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid interacted with representatives from the student body of CMH LMC & IOD. He was impressed with the candor, poise, and eloquence of the students. He expressed his delight at the satisfaction the students articulated regarding the academic environment and co-curricular activities at the institute. Workshop on “Global & Local in Medical Education” (1200 – 1500 hrs) Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid conducted a workshop on “Global & Local in Medical Education” attended by faculty from the Medical College, Dental College, Institute of Nursing, and School of Allied Health Sciences. The workshop focused on the value of promoting the Curriculum within the local contexts while integrating global perspectives and health issues into the Curriculum.

*Review of Assessment systems at CMH LMC & IOD Standards against WFME standards* Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashid, Professor of Medical Education, University College London, United Kingdom arrived on a three-day internal audit of the Academic Governance structure of CMH LMC & IOD on 16th August 2022. He met the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive and other members of the Senior Faculty of CMH LMC & IOD, followed by a detailed briefing and discussion on Assessment systems at CMH LMC & IOD. This briefing was handled by School of Health Professions’ Education Staff and he reviewed all the relevant documents before leaving for a visit of the Lahore Museum at 1500 hrs.