Field Trip 2nd Year BDS 2022

Field trip is a tool which converts the theoretical knowledge into a hands-on experience. This is exceptionally important for the subject of Community & Preventive Dentistry where students learn caries indices and its applicability. This year (14th March 2022) the class of 2nd Year BDS visited Garrison Academy for Girls Lahore. This field trip was a collaboration between the Health and Guidance Cell LGES represented by Dr Raheela Akhtar and the Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry Institute of Dentistry CMH Lahore Medical College. The field trip was lead by Prof. Dr. Bilal Abdul Qayum Mirza (HOD) accompanied by Dr. Asma Shakoor (Associate Professor), Dr. Ali Anwaar (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Zainab Fatima Zaidi (Demonstrator).
The collage administration provided the college vans along with security for this trip. All the students, faculty and security on the field trip were fully vaccinated. Paramount importance was
given to producing a fully vaccinated certificate prior to leaving the premises of the College. Those who did not comply were left behind.
The Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry provided the modified WHO forms, gloves, masks and tongue depressors. A strength of 67 BDS 2nd year students performed examination on a duplicate WHO form. The students applied their knowledge on how to code permanent and deciduous teeth. The students had to check the status of each tooth, dentist visits frequency, brushing frequency, fluorosis, trauma and malocclusion. The students were also assisted by the faculty where it was required. Students of 2nd Year BDS also educated the students of GAG on how to maintain their hygiene and about proper brushing technique.
It was the students’ first exposure to the oral cavity; they were excited for their first doctor-patient interaction. The 2nd year students gave the pink duplicate modified WHO form to the teachers. The teachers
will pass on to the respective parents of each student so they can also be well informed about the oral health status of their child. This will give the parents an opportunity to get early treatment done and save the function of the teeth. The treatment
should be sought as soon as possible to avoid complications. The treatment is never expensive, but the delay is.
The aim of the field trip was to prepare the dental students to meet the oral & dental care needs of the community.