Embracing Colgate Week: A Celebration of Oral Health

From the 11th to the 15th of September 2023, the Institute of Dentistry, CMH Lahore Medical College, in collaboration with Colgate-Palmolive, embarked on an extraordinary journey of Colgate Week to promote oral health awareness, education, and community engagement. The department of Community & Preventive Dentistry, under the guidance of Associate Professor, Dr. Asma Shakoor, played an integral role in bringing this initiative to life. Their dedication and expertise were the driving force behind the success of Colgate Week. Throughout the week, our fantastic team examined a grand total of 535 patients. Each check-up was a step closer to a healthier smile and a brighter future for all. This event wasn’t just about dental care; it was about strengthening our community’s commitment to better oral health. It’s a reminder that together, we can create lasting positive change.