Effective Teaching Startegies

Quality Assurance and Accreditation conducted the workshop under the umbrella of our Capacity Building Program for Demonstrators/Lecturers and Instructors. The workshop was organized in the Faculty Development Room and Dr. Gul M. Shaikh, Head L-QEC and Assistant Professor SHaPE facilitated the workshop titled “Effective Teaching Startegies” in continuation with the series of workshops planned for the running year. The encouraging participation of 09 junior faculty members distributed in groups strengthened the need for similar activities in future. NUMS has been notified to award the CME points for three hours workshop from 0900 hours to 1200 hours on Thursday 1st June 2023 as per policy.

Objectives of the workshop were to:

• Identify the different available learning methods to develop the right strategy for dealing with the target group available.

• To find out the impact of efffective teaching strategies on producing fast and effective learning outcomes.

The workshops was interactive with hands-on activities and feedback regarding the workshops was also gathered. The workshop was very well taken up by the participants as discussed during the tea break that ended with Group Photograph of all the participants with the facilitator.