Dr. Shaista Arshad

Dr. Shaista Arshad MBBS, M.Phil., ICMT
Associate Professor at Anatomy Department
  • She graduated from Fatima Jinnah Medical College.
  • She did her M.Phil. from University of Health Sciences.
  • She obtained Certificate in Medical Informatics (AMIA 10×10) from Oregon University Health & Sciences Oregon, USA, and Certificate in Medical Teaching (CMT) from University of Liverpool in collaboration with UHS. She has 10 years teaching experience in the subject and have attended various workshops & conferences related to Medical Education.
  • Few research papers are published to her credit
  1. Significance of feedback analysis in undergraduate gross anatomy teaching submitted for publication in JCMH LMC in Nov 2018.
  2. Poor lecture attendance in undergraduate surgery classes: perception of medical student and faculty J Fatima Jinnah Medical University 2018: 12:42-45
  3. Student’s response on the effectiveness of CBL in learning gross anatomy in an undergraduate course. PJMS, 2017.
  4. Perinatal histology of endocrine pancreas in albino rat. Esculopia, 2016
  5. Preferred instructional strategies of learning gross anatomy in an undergraduate medical course. PJMS, 2015.
  6. Postnatal Histogenesis of pancreatic islet alpha and beta cells in albino rat-An experimental study, PJZ, 2013.
  7. She is also the contributor to Museum Atlas of CMH LMC & IOD
  8. Perception of the 2nd year MBBS students about the Content, Structure and Teaching of the Head and Neck Module in an Integrated Curriculum
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  1. Telecon 2018, at UHS, international conference of Anatomical Society of Pakistan.(Nov-Dec, 2018)
  2. International conference in medical education, at FMH College of medicine & Dentistry, oct, 2018)
  3. Workshop “Student in Difficulty” by Mr. Dason at FMH Lahore November 2018.
  5. International anatomical conference on the theme of “TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING” ( OCT, 2018).