Dr. Saba Iqbal Arain


Dr Saba Iqbal, Graduated from the Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (Jamshoro, Sindh). UCMD, Lahore, hired me as a demonstrator in the physiology department. After completing an MPhil in Physiology, she was appointed as an Assistant Professor and then as an Associate Professor. After completing Master’s in Medical Education (MME) at the University of Lahore, she joined the Health Professions Education Department. Her teaching experience spans more than 12 years. Developed an online teaching system during the pandemic and trained the faculty.  UHS’s Certification in Online Distance Education (CODE). Our online CHPE program is now being implemented in CMH Lahore, as well as multiple other online programs from the Edulife Platform. PAL-Pak project supervisor at CMH Lahore, as well as editor and publisher of SHaPE quarterly newsletter. Several workshops and conferences related to medical education have been held at national and international levels. Since her specialty is research and publication, she is pursuing a certificate in medical editing (CME) from UHS, an editor of many national and international scientific journals. Over 23 publications have been published at the national and international levels.


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