Dr. Pakeeza Aslam

Dr. Pakeeza Aslam MBBS, FCPS, CMT
Associate Professor at Department of Gynecology
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  1. Cord around neck and its fetal implications

published in PJMHS 2013

  1. Fetomaternal outcome in operative vaginal delievry

published in PJMHS 2012

  1. Effect of raised maternal body mass index on neonatal outcome

published in PJMHS 2013

  1. Effective medical teaching skills- How to become a better medical educator ..

published in college magazine of CMH Lahore Medical College.

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  2. Association of Pre-eclampsia in anaemic pregnant women sent for publication in JCMHLMC.
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  4. 8.Comparison of cervical cerclage and vaginal progesterone in cervical insufficiency Pak Armed Forces Med J (Acceptance letter)