Dr Farhat Ijaz

Dr Farhat Ijaz Associate Professor & Chief Editor MedERA-JCMHLMC / MBBS, BSc., MPhil (Physiology), CHPE, CME&P, FCPS (Physiology)

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Ongoing Researches:


  1. Quality of Sleep Amongst 1st Year Medical Students: A Cross Sectional Study. AbulRehman (2nd Year MBBS), Dr. FarhatKhuram
  2. Prevalence of Depression Among Military and Non-Military Male Medical Students YummnaRazzaq (3rd Year MBBS), Dr. FarhatKhuram
  3. Comparison of Serum Prolactin Levels between grand mal epileptic and Pseudo-seizure Patients.  Dr. FarhatKhuram
  4. Significance of Prolactin & Creatine Phosphokinase In epilepsy (GrandMal) and Pseudoesizures In Female Population
  5. Relation of C-reactive protein and glycemic index in type 2 diabetics subject”