Dr. Amna Shahab

Dr. Amna Shahab MBBS, FCPS
Associate Professor at Department of Surgery
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Sr No Article Date
1 Outcome of Early Versus Delayed Stoma Closure PJMHS 2016
2 Outcome of Early Versus Delayed Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Acute Cholecystitis  PJMHS 2016
3 Surgical Site Infection in Open Versus Laparoscopic Appendectomy PJMHS 2016
4 Clinical Outcome of Aortic Saddle Embolism – A 10 Years’ Experience JUMDC 2017
5 Compare the outcome of anal dilatation and lateral internal anal sphincterotomy in the treatment of chronic anal fissure PJMHS 2019
6 Outcome of Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy versus Traditional Hemorrhoidectomy in Patients with Advance Hemorrhoids Medical forum 2019
7 Comparison of wound infection and hospital stay between primary closure and delayed primary closure in patients with perforated appendicitis Medical forum 2019
8 Ventral hernia repair; compare the outcomes of onlay versus sublay mesh procedure Medical forum 2019
9 Determine the outcomes of external rectal prolapse Medical forum 2019
10 Management of Osteoarticular infection by different treatment options JCMHLMC 2019
11 Incidence of Conversion of Laparoscopic to Open Cholecystectomy in Patients Presenting With Thick Walled Gall Bladder Medical forum 2019
12 To Assess the Complications in Relation to Size of Umbilical Port in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Medical forum 2019
13 Analysis of frequency of silent gallstones in acute pancreatitis IAJPS 2019
14 A comparative study of ileostomy versus primary repair of enteric perforation in patients PJMHS 2019
15 Analysis of total thyroidectomy with ligasure small jaw device versus conventional vascular ligatuture technique IJABR 2020