Dental Pharmacy Inauguration at CMH Medical College

Celebrating a Healthy Smile: Dental Pharmacy Inauguration at CMH Medical College (30-8-23) 🎉

This initiative is a significant step toward providing comprehensive healthcare support to our patients, students, faculty, and staff. This dedicated Dental Pharmacy is a testament to its commitment to holistic healthcare. From specialized oral care products to dental hygiene essentials and a range of items that cater to the unique needs of dental health.

The Dental Pharmacy’s establishment aligns perfectly with our college’s values of advancing healthcare accessibility. This initiative will greatly contribute to the well-being of our community, ensuring that your dental health needs are met with efficiency and care.

We are ardently grateful for the presence of our esteemed CE/Principal and Dean IOD. Their guidance has played a pivotal role in bringing the Dental Pharmacy project to fruition. The tireless efforts of HOD IOD Pharmacology are also greatly appreciated.