The annual convocation at CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry (CMH LMC & IOD) is an event dedicated to celebrate a life-defining moment in our students’ lives. The day marks their transition from the students of yesterday to the medical professionals of tomorrow. The day signifies the successful culmination of years of rigorous training at CMH LMC & IOD where students are trained using varied learning techniques such as lectures, seminars, bedside teaching, small group discussions, tutorials, mentorship, research, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and many more. The wondrous day of graduation ushers in unrestrained optimism and glorious excitement. The event also gives parents an opportunity to witness with pride the hard-earned success of their children.

The 11th convocation of CMH LMC & IOD for MBBS (session 2016 – 2021) and BDS (session 2017-2021) was held on 24th September 2022 in the college premises. The event was graced by the honourable Lieutenant General Muhammad Abdul Aziz, HI (M), Commander 4 Corps, as the Chief Guest. The proceedings were presided over by the worthy Vice Chancellor National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), Lieutenant General Wasim Alamgir, HI (M). In addition to the graduating students, college faculty, eminent doctors, dignitaries and parents of the students were also seated in the convocation arena. The college convocation magazine was given to the guests which highlighted academic achievements of the graduates and landmarks achieved by the institution.

The entry of the illustrious and impressive academic procession into the arena signalled the beginning of the convocation proceedings. The glorious procession was led by the Registrar NUMS and followed by the Chief Guest, Vice Chancellor NUMS, Principal / Chief Executive CMH LMC & IOD Major General Prof. Dr. Naeem Naqi (R), HI (M), Dean IOD Prof. Dr. Amjad Hussain Wyne, and professors from all academic departments. All guests rose from their seats in honour of the procession and as the members of the academic procession reached their designated places on the stage, a soulful rendition of the national anthem was played.

The convocation formally commenced with recitation from the holy Quran. The convocation secretary, Professor Nilofer Mustafa, welcomed the guests. The Vice-Chancellor NUMS formally declared the convocation open on the request of the Registrar NUMS. Degrees were conferred to the graduates by the Vice Chancellor NUMS and the medal winners and distinction holders were awarded by the Chief Guest. A total of 156 MBBS and 74 BDS graduates received their degrees. The gold medals for the best graduate (MBBS), best all-rounder (MBBS), best graduate (BDS) best all-rounder (BDS) were won by Dr. Shafqat Ali, Dr. Muhammad Murad Murtaza, Dr. Ayezza Shahrukh and Dr. Allah Baksh Muhammad respectively. Distinction winners who were awarded medals on the occasion included 64 MBBS and 14 BDS graduates. Gold medals for getting first position in the annual professional examinations and/or individual subjects were won by 27 MBBS and 28 BDS graduates while silver medals for getting second position in the annual professional examinations were won by 7 MBBS and 4 BDS graduates.

The esteemed Principal / Chief Executive CMH LMC & IOD administered oath to the graduating students. In his address, the Principal congratulated the graduates and advised them about the importance of hope, heroism and team spirit in realizing their true potential. The Chief Guest also gave a heart-warming message to the graduating doctors in his convocation address. He stressed upon the quest for holistic success and emphasized the graduates to respect their parents. He motivated the graduating doctors to always remember the virtues of morality and humanity. The convocation was then formally declared closed by the Vice Chancellor NUMS. A group photograph of the graduates was taken with the luminaries. Sumptuous refreshments were served to the guests at the conclusion of the convocation ceremony where the dignitaries mingled with the faculty, graduates and their parents