CMH EAT’23 is the annual fundraiser organized by the Patient Welfare Society at CMH LMC & IOD. The Patient Welfare Society is a student run organisation operating in CMH LMC & IOD since 2017, and the main purpose of this society is to financially assist non-affording dental patients who report to the Institute of Dentistry. Keeping this in mind, the Patient Welfare Society organizes an annual fundraiser to support our cause, of which the third edition of CMH EAT took place on 12th March, 2023 at CMH LMC. The exciting event included food stalls organized by students at CMH, as well as renowned eateries and home based businesses who joined hands with us in accelerating the achievement of our cause. Moreover the event was attended by more than 5000 people and was followed by a musical night featuring four artists: Shae Gill, Hassan Raheem, Umair Jaswal and Maanu, all of whom executed breathtaking performances for our crowd. The funds raised from the event were channeled towards charity for deserving oral cancer patients and dental patients at the Institute of Dentistry. It is pertinent to mention that executing the event was only possible with the support of our administrators and faculty, as well as the immense hard work of the student body. The Patient Welfare Society looks forward to new and upcoming ventures in the coming years to support our cause!