CMH EAT Bake Sale 2021

CMH EAT Bake Sale 2021

As we bring “CMH EAT Baby” Bake sale to a close, we must remember that every PWS event at its core has and will always be a fund raiser for the underprivileged.

Therefore, the Patient Welfare Society takes incredible pride and pleasure in announcing that CMH EAT Baby has raised more than 2 LAC PKR for our cause in these incredible two days.

Each and every single penny will be donated to patients who require surgeries that they, otherwise, could not afford.

Our mini event witnessed an amazing turnout and is a major accomplishment that adds to the legacy of our society but more than that, all of this was possible due to the audience’s massive support. They have contributed to a kinder and more compassionate world than we can imagine.

Shoutout to our dedicated event core who spent hours in the office trying their best to cater to your expectations, our lovely council who were always there to help and the amazing volunteers who worked effortlessly to give the event the aesthetic we were all looking for.

This is what PWS is about, our cute little family means the most to us. Here’s to 2 days full of cherish-able memories, new friendships and cute laughs. Overall It was a very successful event.