CADS again had the honour of organizing the annual CMH Olympiad

This year CADS again had the honour of organizing the highly anticipated annual CMH Olympiad. This big scale, mega event has always been one of the most successful ones in the town, with multitudes of students from various renowned institutions taking part. This year’s edition promised to exceed all expectations. Filled with more than 10 thrilling, entertaining competitions and games over the course of 2 days along with live performances and over 10 teams participating, CMH Olympiad 2023 proved to be a big hit. The illustrious inaugral ceremony marked the beginning of this auspicious event and served to welcome all participants from different institutes. It started off with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The flag hoisting added to the charm of the ceremony, with flags bearing the the logos of the participating institutes in all their glory. Then came the inspiring speeches of the Chief Executive Maj. Gen. Naeem Naqi HI(M), CADS Chairperson Prof. Dr. Ansa Rabia and President Hasan Aziz. The audience were all made feel very welcome and their excitement and anticipation for the event was further built up. As all good things must come to an end, the CMH Olympiad 2023 did too, but not without establishing itself as a huge success. Sheikh Zayed Medical College Team 2 bagged the winning title as well as the magnificent winning trophy.