Academic & Research

An MoU for ‘Academic & Research’ collaboration was organised by Dir L-ORIC and signed by the CEO Ferozsons Mr. Osman Khalid Waheed and C/E CMH LMC & IOD Maj. Gen. Prof. Dr. Naeem Naqi (R) on 23rd Aug 2022, at the CE secretariat in the presence of Dean SHaPE, Dean IOD, Dir SAHS, Assoc Prof Pharmacology, Dir L-ORIC and representatives from Ferozsons.
Prof. Dr. Junaid Sarfraz, Dean SHaPE gave briefing about the Limbs for Life program of Ferozsons to be launched by CMH LMC & IOD EduLife portal. The CEO Ferozsons also visited the Operative Dentistry facility with the Dean IOD, Prof. Dr. Amjad Hussain Wyne.
Lastly, Mr. Osman Khalid Waheed CEO Ferozsons along with his team members visited the Animal Research Lab where Prof. Dr. Rabiea Bilal gave briefing about the entire facility and shared insights about the ongoing research projects.