The CMH Literary Festival 2024 نوائے سروش was commemorated on the 13th and 14th of May

The CMH Literary Festival 2024 نوائے سروش was commemorated on the 13th and 14th of May. The perfect occasion for all readers, writers, orators and other individuals with a love for literature to gather and celebrate the power of words, نوائے سروش inaugurated with a detailed and insightful Descriptive Writing Workshop, a nail-biting Bait Bazzi competition and a thrilling Visual Writing contest. After a short tea break, the much awaited Poetry Slam competition followed. Participants took to the stage one by one and with their evocative poetry, left the attendees spellbound – both by their intricate crafting of words and their soul-stirring deliveries. The Open Mic commenced right after the results were announced. It was an enchanting evening featuring mesmerising Urdu ghazals, nazms, poetry and melodious musical performances, which concluded the first successful day.✨

The following day continued with the excitement with equal vigor, starting with a magnificent opening ceremony succeeded by the soulful Mushaira held in the loving memory of the famous poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz; the occasion graced by several renowned, international poets who elevated the atmosphere with their captivating poetry. The splendid decoration added an unparalleled elegance to the entire affair. As each poet concluded their verses, they were met with admiration and applause from the audience who enjoyed immensely.

An Awards Distribution Ceremony came after, as all participants from other institutes were awarded across different categories.

The event achieved remarkable success and was a treat for all literary enthusiasts and alike✨