Separate hostel accommodation is available for boys and girls in safe and secure college campus. A warden supervises each hostel. Essential staff like cooks, cleaners and security staff has been employed. Student will have the freedom to manage their own mess and menu under the guidance of the hostel warden.

Hostels Capacity
(no of students)
Girls Hostel 464
Boys Hostel 134


Girls Hostel

Boys Hostel



• Every student shall be in his/ her room at 08:00 p.m. in the summer and in the winter except those who are on official duty in hospital. These timings are subject to change if so required by the administration.
• Boarders are prohibited from leaving the hostel after the above mentioned time. Any boarder, who wishes to stay out after this time, shall take prior permission from the warden.
• Late comers in the hostel will first report to the warden of their hostel before proceeding to their rooms.
• Students must keep their rooms in hostel neat, clean and tidy.
• College is not responsible for loss of any property, valuables and jewellery etc. of the boarders.
• No females are allowed to visit or stay in boy's hostel and vice versa.
• Parents of female students will provide photograph and photocopy of National Identity cards of three visitors nominated by them to the college authorities who are authorized to visit their child at hostel.
• In dealing with any breach of discipline / infringement of rules and regulations mentioned above,the Principal may decide to order appropriate penalty including apology (verbal or written), fine,temporary suspension from the college, removal from the hostel or after due concurrence of College Discipline Committee/ Academic Council expulsion from the college and rustication.
• Use of unauthorized electrical items like electric heaters / blowers, electric kettle, microwave/electric oven / electric iron can result in short circuiting, hence is strictly forbidden to be used in hostel rooms.
• Parents/ guardians are expected to cooperate with the authorities of the college by prevailing upon and motivating their wards not to take part in any antisocial activities.
Note: Infringement of these rules is a serious offence.


Refundable Hostel Security

All the hostelites are required to deposit refundable hostel security amounting Rs.20,000/- (Twenty thousand only) before joining .

Room Rent Charges

Hostel room rent charges will be collected annually along with college tuition fee (in advance).
Annual hostel room rent charges amounting Rs 60,000/- (Rs 5,000 pm) will be collected in advance.
In case of joining during the academic year full dues will be charged, which will be expired with the completion of academic year (31st October of each year)

Mess Dues

It is compulsory for all the hostelites to pay annual mess dues amounting Rs 54,000/- (Rs 4,500/- pm) along with other dues.
Unutilized balance of mess dues (after the required deductions) will be adjusted in the next year fee voucher or refunded in case of discontinuation of hostel facility.

Air Conditioning Dues

AC dues will be charged on monthly basis. Single Room Rs 8,000/-pm. In case of shared accomodation, Rs 4000/- pm will be charged from each occupant.

Laundry Charges

Annual laundry charges Rs 6,000/- (Rupees 500/- per month) will be charged. Unutilized balance under this head will be refunded along with security after hostel clearance.

Refund of Hostel Dues

Hostel room rent dues are non refundable once student has joined the hostel.
Hostel security and unutilized mess dues will be refunded after hostel clearance.
Application for refund of hostel dues and filled hostel clearance form are required to be submitted to Accounts Dept for the processing of refund case.