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    - The college prospectus with a unique Application Reference Number (ARN) can be collected from College admission office or the Summit Bank, Day Building, Abdur Rehman Road, Lahore Cantt. The date /period for collection of prospectus will be advertised in nationwide newspapers and on college website. It will not be dispatched via mail / post / courier.

    - There are separate prospectus for MBBS and BDS courses and for foreign and local candidates in each course. An applicant, if eligible, can compete simultaneously on all the four categories i.e., MBBS Local, MBBS Foreign, BDS Local and BDS Foreign. However, in such case he / she will have to purchase separate prospectus for each category and separate application forms will be filled, using separate ARN from each prospectus.

    - The price of Prospectus for both local and Foreign Students is Rs. 3000/-.
    Admission forms of Applicants will not be processed without payment of the Price of Prospectus/ Admission Process fee.
    - The summary of Payment for Prospectus/ Admission Process fee and mode of payment is as under:

    Collection of Prospectus Mode of Payment Price/FEE*
    Summit Bank
    Day Building 1482/A,
    Abdur Rehman Road
    Lahore Cantt.
    Tel. # 042-36603061-63
    OPEN TILL 5:30PM

    Admission Office,
    CMH Lahore Medical College, Abdur Rehman Road, Lahore Cantt.

    Cash Only


    Cash only
    3000 PKR


    Cash only
    3000 PKR

    * Price of Prospectus / Admission Process Fee.

    Filling the Application Form

    - Purchase the College Prospectus with a specific Application Reference Number (ARN) for the desired course i.e. MBBS (Local / Foreign) or BDS (Local / Foreign).

    Once the student is registered by the university in a category of local / foreign student MBBS/BDS, the category cannot be changed throughout the course.

    Last date of submission of Application will be intimated through nationwide newspapers / college website. Change of date, if any, will be intimated through the college website / nationwide newspapers.

    - No amendment in the results/ data entered will be accepted after last date of submission of application. Results received after the closing date of submission of application will not be entertained.

    - The Admission Application Form can be filled online at your own by following the instructions at college website or at the college admission office by yourself or with assistance of admission office staff for those who find difficulty in online submission.

    - Roll number will be issued to each student for identifying own merit position in merit list. Roll number slip can be printed online using your ARN after filling out all the columns of the application form and uploading 1 x color photo image in JPG format. Applicants finding difficulty in opening the online form or uploading the photo image are requested to approach college admission office for the needful.


    - The candidates competing for Army seats of W & R Directorate in MBBS / BDS course must show their father's / mother's identity documents at the college admission office in person before the deadline of filling of application forms in order to print the Roll No slip and to be considered on Army seat.

    - The applicant/guardian will be required to sign a Declaration confirming that the information provided in the Application Form by him / her is correct.

    - The name of the student and father's name should be the same on all important documents and it should be the one that has been endorsed on matric / O-level certificate. If different names (different spellings, shorter versions etc) is endorsed, problems crop up when students register for different exams / tests. If there is a discrepancy in student's personal details (particularly their names) it creates great difficulties for the students. Ensure that the name on student's passport is the same as they have in their school record and the same name they will use for applying to different universities.

    Note: The college administration reserves the rights of admission and can cancel / reject any application at any stage without assigning reason.

    Documents Required to be Submitted at Admission Office (Only for candidates not able to enter data online or to upload photo) :

    - 1 x passport size color photograph (latest).

    - All documents mentioned below.

    Documents Required to be Submitted at Admission Office
    (On the day of Document Check) :

    - Photocopy of Matriculation or equivalent qualification with IBCC Equivalence certificate.

    - Photocopy of F.Sc. or equivalent qualification with IBCC Equivalence certificate.

    - Photocopy of latest NUMS entry test result.

    - Photocopy of SAT-II result (if applicable).

    - Photocopy of own CNIC (for local students)

    - Photocopy of Father CNIC (for local students)

    - Photocopy of own CNIC / Passport (whichever is applicable) (for foreign students)

    - Photocopy of Father CNIC / Passport (whichever is applicable) for foreign students.

    - Domicile (for local students and foreign student - if available)

    - Undertaking form (duly signed by the candidate and parent/guardian).

    (Note: Undertaking form is attached at the end of college prospectus or can be downloaded from the college website: www.cmhlahore.edu.pk, or obtained from college admission office.)

    (On the day of fee deposit) only for foreign student's parents/guardians, who want to claim an exemption of 5% advance income tax in fee structure

    - Copy of income tax return of the previous year.

    - Copy of passport of parent/guardian, as evidence to the educational institution that during previous tax year, his/her stay in Pakistan was less than one hundred eighty three days.

    - A certificate that he/she has no Pakistani source of income.

    Note: Foreign studentís parents/guardians, claiming exemption of 5% advance income tax in fee structure will be required to deposit their fee directly from abroad through normal banking channel to bank account of the college.