Cardiac Centre

Army Cardiac Centre is established only recently. It is now a masterpiece of architecture, and houses one of the most modern, well equipped Cardiac Centre of the country with state-of-the-art diagnostic and operative facilities.

This 75 bedded Cardiac centre is fully equipped to manage all types of indoor and outdoor cardiac cases and emergencies. There are two Bath Digital Labs with all facilities for carrying out all interventional cardiology procedures including angiography, infra-vascular ultrasound; angioplasty and Mira coronary stenting using both the arm and the leg approach and temporary / permanent cardiac pacing.

The two Operation Theaters of this Cardiac Centre are specially designed and are state-of-the-art modular operation theaters imported from Germany, to cater for all aspects of cardiac surgical procedures. It is equipped with laminar airflow system and separate air conditioning for both. The theaters are thus creating a totally infection free environment.


Brig Syed Khurram Shahzad- TI (M)
MBBS- FCPS (Medicine)- FCPS (Cardiology)
Assistant Prof & HoD

Lt Col Vaqar Ilahi Paracha
MBBS- FCPS (Surgery)- FCPS (Cardiac Surgery)
Associate Professor

Lt Col Muhammad Imran Asghar
MBBS-FCPS(Srug)- FCPS Card Surg)- OJT Cardiac Surgery (UK)- CMEME- CMT
Associate Professor

Lt Col Intisar Ul Haq
MBBS- MCPS- MRCS FCPS (General Surgery)- FCPS (Cardiac Surgery)- Fwlloq in Paeds/Coyenital Cardiac Surgery
Assistant Professor

Lt Col Imtiaz Ahmed Chaudhry
MBBS- FCPS (Surgery)- FCPS (Cardiac Surgery)- OJT Cardiac Surgery (UK)
Assistant Professor

Col Muhammad Nadir Khan
MBBS- FCPS (Med)- FCPS (Cardiology)
Associate Professor

Col Mehdi Raza- T Bt
MBBS- MSC-FCPS(Nuclear Medicine)
Assistant Professor

Lt Col Ayaz Ahmed
MBBS- FCPS (Med) FCPS(Cardiac)
Assistant Professor

Maj Hajira Akbar
MBBs- FCPS (Pediatric Cardiology)
Assistant Professor

Maj (R) Dr Ahmad Usman
MBBS- FCPS (Med)- FCPS (Cardology)
Assistant Professor